The Brave New Voices International Youth Poetry Slam Festival, powered by Youth Speaks, is the only festival of its kind. Every year, young poets from around the world convene for artistic development and expression. This year, we are blessed to be back on the screens with y’all. We are here gathering again for a festival that looks different than it has in the past, with events all throughout July and the main festival happening across a shorter time than we are used to, to give us more chances to be safe together in this art with intention.


Congratulations to the 2021 Brave New Voices Slam Champions:
Team Des Moines, Iowa.


Watch the Best of BNV 2021!

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This year, the 2021 Brave New Voices International Poetry Festival theme is #METAMORPHOSIS. Defined in Webster's Dictionary as a: "change of physical form, structure, or substance especially by supernatural means" - BNV 2021 represents the change, challenges, and reimagining of ourselves into a new world and way of being.

With this year’s Festival centering around metamorphosis, we understand that it is time that enables change and like a monarch, BNV has been cocooned. In order to reach our butterfly, we invite you to participate, to support, and witness the change with love and grace. This year we are joining together virtually, which comes with a new set of challenges, but also unique opportunities. This year, we will come together and show the world this is how we #BREATHE.

Visit the link below to register for tickets and view the festival schedule.



Saturday, July 24 • 2pm pst

This year we're switching things up a bit with featuring the @hausofberry to host The Berry Ball: A Night Of 1000 Cruella's. Youth will be able to walk in 3 categories A Ball is a celebration of Queer culture, usually done in various categories that highlight fashion and beauty. This year we're including a ball with theme of Cruella De Vil!


MC Olympics

Saturday, July 24 • 4pm pst

Got bars? Write songs? Spit off top? Sign up for MC Olympics! MC Olympics is an annual olympic-style competition featuring the dopest emcees at Brave New Voices. If you sign up, be prepared to be called at least one hour before showtime for sound check and MC huddle.


Brave New Voices Finals • Saturday • July 23 • 6PM PST

Watch the top four teams perfome to become Brave New Vocies Champion. Other teams from the festival will also perform between rounds.

Closed Caption & American Sign Language will be provided.

Be A Slam

Youth and adults are welcome to help us judge the slams. Slams are occurring on Friday July 23rd, and Saturday July 24th.

Be A Mental Health Volunteer

Help monitor zoom rooms and be there to debrief with participants in response to mental health events.


Special thanks to First Wave

First Wave is the first and only full tuition hip-hop scholarship in the country. First Wave provides innovative, culturally relevant hip-hop art programs to inspire engagement, learning, and activism for diverse communities. First Wave students are published authors, nationally renowned and internationally ranked poets, rappers making noise on the underground, and community organizers.